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How to Deal With Anxiety by Using Natural Herbs for Depression

What is the best anti-anxiety medication out there on the market today? Well, that’s a matter of debate. There are a great many pharmaceutical companies that claim to make antidepressants that work well, that can combat depression. However, their claims are up for scrutiny just like any other company would be. It can be tough in modern society to learn how to deal with anxiety because of the multitude of causes that we have in today’s world of said anxiety and depression. With money problems, health problems, death, family and marriage issues, less than optimal job situations, friend issues, and many other disputes, it is no wonder that anxiety and depression is seemingly around every corner. Luckily, Mother Nature often provides us with a way out of these problems – there are many natural herbs for depression that you may not even know about.

For example, probably the best known instance of herbal depression treatment is St. John’s wort. St. John’s wort has been around for centuries and is a known organic way to treat depression and anxiety. Unlike some other herbal remedies that are not necessarily guaranteed to work, St. John’s wort has been given the “OK” from the medical and scientific community. Studies have shown – clinical trials, mind you – that the plant is as good as any anti-depressant in combating anxiety and other mental issues. The Cochrane Collaboration, also called the Cochrane Report, compiled 29 different clinical trials comparing St. John’s wort to a placebo (an administered component with no effect) and a known pharmaceutical anti-depressant. The results showed St. John’s wort to be just as good, if not better, than the pharmaceutical drug at combating anxiety and depression. One caveat in this study is that, for whatever reason, German-speaking countries often speak much higher of the effects of the herb than other countries.

These studies are tricky, however. The US-based National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (an advocate of natural remedies that actually work), concluded that St. John’s wort had no major effects that placebos given did not also have. This study also indicated that Zoloft, a commercial anti-depressant pharmaceutical drug, also had no major effects. Clearly, the subject for how well these drugs and herbs can work is up for debate.

Since there are many opinions in today’s medical world about the efficacy and effectiveness of herbs like St. John’s wort, it is hard to tell if there really is something to them. Most people who suffer from depression want something – and many want something natural – to ease their anguish. See your doctor and ask about if St. John’s wort is right for you.

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