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Forward Head Posture

Head, shoulder and neck pain, as well as tension can be caused by forward head posture. The weight placed on the neck for each inch of forward head movement increases by 10 pounds, and the pressure on muscles also goes up.

Neck strains and sprains are injuries that weaken neck muscles and lead to poor sleep positions. Computer neck, reader’s neck, couch neck, incorrect breathing habits and driving stress are other examples. Prolonged bad posture of the neck gives rise to arthritis, instability, muscle strain, pinched nerves and disc herniations. A stretched spinal cord affects health.

What is Forward Head Posture and How It Can Lead to Anxiety

Bad forward head posture plays a major role in myofascial pain and chronic fatigue syndromes, fibromyalgia, temporomandibular joint dysfunction and other shoulder, neck, head and jaw pain. A 1986 Spine Journal article noted that too much pressure placed on the neck because of altered back posture flattens the cervical spine’s normal curvature, straining the neck ligaments, joints, bones and muscles and hastening their deterioration en route to neck arthritis or degenerative joint disease.

The 1994 American Journal of Pain Management said that functioning and posture are tied together. Chronic pain sufferers battling with lower back pains, stress-induced disorders and neck-related headaches often display poor posture. Bodily functions like hormone production and breathing are regulated by posture, but the greatest hit by poor posture are lung capacity, blood pressure, spine pain, moods, headaches and pulse.

Forward head posture can lead to impaired breathing. The chest becomes sunken and starts constricting the lungs. Think of it as the body slowly undergoing strangulation because of insufficient oxygen. Deterioration of body functions is simply the beginning, as other complications like anxiety attacks can also take place.

Incorrect breathing upsets normal body functioning and chemistry. Blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels start fluctuating under the stressful condition. Many of the organ systems are likewise affected, manifesting in panic, stress and anxiety episodes.

Check if you have good posture problems through the Wall Test. Stand and let the back of head touch the wall, with six inches separating the baseboard from the heels. With buttocks grazing the wall, note the distance by placing a hand between the wall and the neck. If fingers are within a couple of inches of the neck, it is a pretty good posture.

Exercise equipment can help regain lost neck muscle control. Do neck exercises to correct wrong posture. For videogame play and office use, position the PC monitor so its screen’s top 1/3 portion is at eye level and has 18 to 24 inches of screen-to-face distance. If sitting for a long time, stop frequently and exercise the neck.

Back support pillows are also useful when driving. Active seat cushions activate back muscles for better posture and are good for muscle fatigue prevention. Go for the right backpacks, correctly designed ones have the weight distributed equally. Neck pillows providing ample support while sleeping are also good.

International reading material Cephalagia discovered a connection between hours computing in school and student neck pains. Educating students on proper ergonomics and posture was evident. Another article commented on Respiratory Dysfunction among chronic neck pain sufferers. Neck patients displayed less respiratory muscle strength the more forward their head posture was.

People suffering from chronic conditions can consider taking membrell joint health, a supplement that beefs up cartilage, as a long-term strategy to improve posture. Chiropractic care is also strongly recommended for adjusting neck joints properly. Avoiding excessive forward head posture plus using other pain reliever products should help make good posture a reality as well.

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