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How to Help Yourself Overcome OCD

Almost all of us are prone to a mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder; for example, some of us make it a point to do things in a certain order every day; others may have a certain way of eating food; and yet others may feel compelled to wash their hands every time they touch something they consider unhygienic. While these behaviors are certainly not obsessive to the point of taking precedence over everything else, there are others that may be construed as over the top. If you feel you have a habit or habits that could be ruining your concentration and affecting all other aspects of your life, you don’t have to worry that you may have to see a psychiatrist or seek professional help. There are home remedies and treatments that can cure these mild obsessions just as effectively, so if you’re willing to give them a try, read on:

•    Accept the Obvious: To overcome your fears, you must face them head on. And to be able to do that, you need to accept that you have a problem. Once you do that, seek the help of family members and loved ones to help you get rid of your obsessive behavior. You know your fears are irrational, but you feel them anyway. Talk to people close to you about your situation and accept their help in getting you through the times you feel the need to indulge in such behavior. Ridding oneself of an OCD involves a great deal of will power and self control and it may be difficult at first, but with time and patience, you will be able to overcome it.
•    Say no to Stress: When you’re stressed, your obsession comes to the fore even more than usual. So try and relax through all your activities. It’s a good idea to deliberately reduce stress through exercise, yoga, meditation, music, hot baths, saunas, or anything else that puts you at ease.
•    Set aside Substances: It’s not good to drink, smoke or even take in too much caffeine when you’re prone to OCD. Substance abuse leads to anxiety and stress of the worst kind. So avoid them altogether if you cannot limit yourself.
•    Food for Thought: Don’t skip meals or go hungry or you’re going to feel more stressed and give in to binge eating when you feel yourself starving. Eat foods that are healthy for you like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and those that are low in salt and processed and saturated fats.
•    Seek Professional Help: If nothing works, it’s best you see a doctor, someone you trust so that you’re able to control your fears and obsessions with medication and therapy.

The stigma that is attached to seeing a “shrink” very often prevents people with mild mental disorders seeking professional help. But if left untreated, this could become more serious with time. And that’s why home remedies work wonders in helping people with mild OCD cope and live a relatively normal life.

This post was contributed by Alisa Johnson, who writes about the online nursing degree. She welcomes your feedback at Alisa.Johnson1982 at

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