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How To Stop Anxiety Attacks Naturally

Anxiety can be debilitating when the worry controls every aspect of life. However, there are many ways to stop anxiety attacks through treatment and self help. These can also gradually reduce anxiety attacks symptoms and bring back some semblance of order into life.

To stop anxiety attacks, it is important to understand what causes anxiety attacks. Worry is a normal part of life, especially when under pressure or in a situation that is filled with stress. The body naturally responds to this with anxiety. Anxiety actually inspires us to resolve issues. But there are times when anxiety overpowers every aspect of a person’s routine and relationships, and develops into anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Attacks Symptoms

Anxiety attack symptoms are a result of intense fear and can occur with no prior notice. There could be some kind of trigger usually depending on the present situation. Once anxiety attack strikes, it can rapidly get worse and last for about thirty minutes. During this brief time, the individual can feel terrified to such an extent that there could be total loss of control. Specifically, anxiety attacks symptoms can range from a rush of devastating panic, a sense of loss of control, rapid pulse rate and chest pain, a sensation of being about to pass out, difficulty with breathing or feeling choked, hot flashes, shivering, nausea, a sense of being removed from reality, etc.

What Causes Anxiety Attacks

The causes of anxiety attacks or panic attacks is said to be because of a shift in the manner in which the brain controls the anxiety response and the behavior of this part of the brain when anxiety is triggered. Anxiety attacks can also be a result of emotional imbalance, where the individual does not know how to respond to a specific situation. These situations can be the death of a loved one, a divorce, financial problems, a major accident, loss of job, drug use, etc.

The causes of anxiety attacks are not restricted to the above; one could have anxiety attack symptoms from minor events as well. Sometimes it can be difficult to zero in on what exactly caused the anxiety attack. The good news is that controlling anxiety attacks is possible by taking a few pro-active steps. These simple steps can actually help stop anxiety attacks from occurring or getting worse.

•    It is important to remember that just as the body responds to panic, so does it respond to being calm.  This means it is possible to teach oneself to be calm when anxiety attack symptoms are apparent.
•    Anxiety attacks symptoms can be controlled in a few minutes if the individual stays calm, preventing adrenaline levels from rising.
•    Learning at least one relaxation technique and practicing it on a daily basis at least thrice a day helps in controlling anxiety attacks.
•    Practicing slow breathing by inhaling and exhaling through the nose when a panic attack comes on helps to a great extent.
•    Self talk, telling oneself that in a few minutes it will be possible to calm down and handle the situation can minimize anxiety attacks symptoms.

A natural way of controlling anxiety attacks is through the use of Seredyn, a 100% natural nutritional supplement that has more than twenty proprietary ingredients especially chosen to fight depression, enhance mood and cure anxiety and panic disorders. This unique formula also corrects imbalances in the brain’s chemical make up, which are responsible for triggering anxiety and panic attacks.

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