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The Effects of Stress on the Body

Everyone experiences the effects of stress on the body from time to time. Stress can be described as the body’s physical, emotional and mental response to a change that calls for some kind of adjustment. Positive stress is normal; however excessive stress can affect health, causing many stress-related problems. If there are existing illnesses, stress can make them worse. Continuous stress manifests itself in the form of severe headaches, hypertension, chest pain, abdominal pain, skin irritations, anxiety, depression, respiratory problems and disturbed sleep.

The Effects of Stress on the Body

Chronic stress can have severe effects on the body’s systems. For instance, it can suppress the immune system, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, be instrumental in the person becoming infertile and accelerate aging. Studies have proved that stress can cause both mental and physiological problems like obesity, diabetes, hair loss, hyperthyroidism, sexual dysfunction, ulcers and even cancer. According to research, about 90% doctors visits focus on treatment for stress-related symptoms

Here is a brief overview of the effects of stress on the body:

The nervous system:
During stress, the brain triggers the release of adrenaline and cortisol in the adrenal glands. When the levels of these chemicals are steadily high, it can affect memory and learning and also increase the risk of depression.

The endocrine system:
The moment a stressful situation occurs, the body’s stress hormones induce the liver to release blood sugar. For those who are already type 2 diabetic, or at risk, higher blood sugar levels can actually result in diabetes.

The respiratory system:
The normal reaction to stress is rapid breathing, breathlessness and in some cases, hyperventilation. If this is prolonged, it can cause upper respiratory tract infections.

The cardiovascular system:
Sometimes specific situations like the prospect of facing an exam or an interview can raise the pulse rate and blood pressure. When the pressure of performance is constant, it can gradually result in the narrowing of the arteries and high cholesterol levels. This opens the door to cardiac diseases, cardiac arrest and stroke.

The reproductive system:
For women, in particular, the effects of stress on the body can be in the form of shorter or irregular menstrual cycles and painful periods. Stress during pregnancy can result in the baby becoming prone to asthma and other allergies.

The immune system:
While short-term positive stress is good for the immune system by assisting it in combating infection, continued stress can reverse this process. This can make injuries heal slowly, cause skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis and general infection.

The digestive system:
Acute stress could cause dry mouth, indigestion, nausea, gas, diarrhea or constipation. When these become chronic, it can turn into uncomfortable conditions like IBS, heartburn, ulcers etc.

The musculo-skeletal system:
It is common to feel one’s muscles bracing themselves in unusual situations. Continued exposure to risky situations can result in headaches, back pain, and tight shoulders. It could also cause osteoporosis.

While it is virtually impossible to get rid of stress, it is possible to control the effects of stress on the body to some extent through natural methods and relaxation techniques like hypnotherapy, Yoga, meditation and deep breathing.

Through hypnotherapy stress can be managed effectively. Hypnotherapy identifies and explores why an individual reacts in a particular way to specific situations. Coping strategies are then developed to help the individual overcome stressors. Hypnosis has a calming effect and helps the person make a reassessment of the stressors.

To avoid anxiety, depression and other effects of stress on the body a 100% nutritional supplement called Seredyn has been found to be highly effective. Seredyn has the necessary nutrients that balance stress levels, promote better sleep, helping the individual deal with stressful situations in a calm manner, avoiding the risk of stress-related disease.

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