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Treatment for Anxiety: Diagnosing Paranoia or Anxiety

Different levels of anxiety call for different forms of treatment for anxiety. When it comes to anxiety interfering with everyday life, medication and/or therapy might be prescribed for high levels of anxiety, while exercise or jogging might be prescribed for low levels of anxiety.

Some people simply need to breathe deeply and count to ten during times of stress or when they feel the onset of anxiety. Others need to step outside and to be in the fresh air.

Still, some people swear by meditation or yoga. However, it is actually possible to experience a panic attack that has been brought on by too much relaxation. Known as paradoxical anxiety, relaxation induced by anxiety has been documented in some Buddhist meditation literature.

In fact, in the literature, the Buddhists refer to the anxious feeling as something that is natural and must be confronted head on in order to progress spiritually.

Anxiety can also be brought on by a situation in which an individual needs to make a difficult or serious decision, or if the two options are very similar and one is having a tough time picking one or the other.
Trait anxiety, or long-term anxiety, is considered a condition, rather than a short-term state of being, and it is considered to be closely related to the trait of neuroticism.

A person who is heavily haunted by the trait of anxiety may also be suffering from extreme paranoia, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. The term ‘paranoia’ originally derives from a Greek word that means ‘madness’. The first part, ‘para’, means ‘outside’ and the second part, ‘nous’, means ‘mind’.

So the Greeks literally related signs of paranoia to being “outside of the mind”, or not in a sane state of mind. Being paranoid typically includes beliefs of persecution or a concerning threat towards oneself. In the past it has been a word to describe any delusional state.

A constant theme of paranoia is centrality, in which the sufferers perceive themselves as the central element in a given scenario and believe that events, which have nothing to do with them in reality, are directed toward themselves.

A treatment for anxiety and a treatment for paranoia can be very different. It is important to speak with your doctor to properly diagnose your symptoms and to help you decide what the best options for you are.

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